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Classes Summary

Cars must be made by Alfa Romeo and sold by dealers in Australia. They must retain Alfa Romeo engines, gearboxes, brakes and other major components, as available in that model family, from the factory. Aerodynamic aids (such as wings, diffusers and splitters) are generally not permitted unless the car came with them from the factory.

Nuovo Class - All modern, usually FWD, fuel injected and sometimes turbocharged cars. Models included are 147, 156, GT, Giulietta, MiTo, Giulia, C4 etc. We see this group as the one with the greatest growth potential as these next-gen cars are now becoming affordable to race.

Classico Class - Historic racing cars, specifically logbooked under Historics Category with CAMS, who is the body responsible for publication of the category rules. Many VRA race cars conform to this category and hence we have a separate class for them.

Group A - Classic RWD V6-engined cars based on the 116 Alfetta platform. These models makes fantastic race cars and are getting rare, and hence very expensive to buy and maintain, especially body panels and engines. To allow existing cars to continue to race, we have made an exception to allow modern V6 engines to be fitted, however this comes with very strict limitations.

Under 2 Litre - Both classic and modern cars with an engine capacity of less than 2000cc. This class is where those who are exploring the Twin Spark class, can do so without going the whole hog. For example, outside of racing mods (like a roll cage etc.) only require a standard car, with the standard suspension and wheels, with any tyres other than slicks.

Twin Spark Class - A new national series restricted to Twin Spark-engined 147s, 56s and GTVs. If you wish to run a Twin Spark car to a lesser level of development, you can do so in the Under 2 Litre class.

Eligibility Rules - excluding Twin Spark Cup

VRA Eligibility Rules December 2018.pdf

Eligibility Rules - Twin Spark Cup

Twin Spark Cup rules are controlled by a committee made up of representatives from QLD, VIC, ACT and NSW. Members are NSW Richard McKee and Brad Wilson, ACT John Burkhart, QLD Paul Young, and VIC Evan Bottcher.

2018 Twin Spark Tech Regs Download File.pdf

Championship Rules - excluding Twin Spark Cup

VRA Championship Rules.pdf

Championship Rules - Twin Spark Cup

Points System for Twin Spark Cup 2019

Eligibility Rules - QLD & VIC

QLD racing rules Link

VIC racing rules Link

Interstate racers are welcome in all states and can usually be accommodated in a compatible class.

Audit Procedure

VRA Audit Procedure.pdf